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New Lean Book Co-authored by Robert Oh and Sunit Prakesh

Strategic Lean Service is a case study of the groundbreaking use of Lean conceived and shaped in the manufacturing sector, to transform a global IT service delivery organization. It surveys the course traveled by Baan Customer Service & Support (CS&S) in the early years of the new millennium, at a point when it faced a number of serious problems.


After showing us their vision of the power and scope of Lean, the authors describe the CS&S organizations situation at the end of 2000 AD. They then introduce us to its new Lean-based strategy, Up To Excellence, devised to turn around the organizations identified problems. Each of the strategys five supporting pillars (Planning, Tracking and Reporting; Human Capital Development; Process and Performance Improvement; Supplier Management; and Support Infrastructure, Innovation and Technology) is described in some detail, and we discover how each plays its part in the organizations transformation.


Strategic Lean Service is not a dry textbook. The passion with which this story is told demonstrates what a profound and longlasting impact CS&Ss Lean transformation journey made on those involved. This book will inspire and equip anyone planning for or involved in the transformation of an organization, especially those with an interest in finding out more about Lean strategies and practices.


The book is available from CreateSpace and Amazon

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