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We provide SkillsFuture Public Run classes in conjunction with SUSS Center for Continuing and Professional Education (CET) 

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Agile Development for Products & Services
6-7 June 2022
Solving Problems with Lean & Data Analytics
25-26 Aug 2022
Participants of these two workshops are entitled to SSG funding, subject to meeting funding criteria. Please refer to the following web page for details of available SSG funding:  SkillsFuture Courses: SkillsFuture Credits, Subsidies & Funding | SUSS
Lean A3 Problem Solving

This training introduces Lean principles, concepts and tools and provides activity based training on lean A3 problem solving 

Lean Champion

Specially for Leaders to learn the Lean problem solving approach and  other Lean skills like Go See and Lean Coaching

Lean Lead Certification

Lean Problem Solving workshop to train Project Leads and equip them with relevant skills to lead a project team. Includes practical project work

Lean Tools & Techniques

This is a Lean training which focuses on the various Lean tools and techniques that all Lean practitioners should be familiar with

Visual Management & Huddles

This Lean training focuses on how to develop visual management boards and how to develop a routine huddle

Value Stream Mapping

This Lean training focuses on how to develop value stream maps and includes redesigning the value stream

Lean 3P Design

3P refers to Production Preparation Process. This is an approach that facilitates communications between the design team and the users

Toyota Kata

Toyota Kata best captures the way things are improved using PDCA, where step by step incremental improvement is made

Setup Time Reduction (SMED)

The focus of this Lean training is on SMED techniques which are meant to reduce setup time operations of a process

Total Productive Maintenance

This workshop focuses on deployment of TPM in an organization using the 8 Pillars of TPM

Standard Work

This workshop's focus is the development of Standard Work, how it is deployed and how it is improved on a continuous basis

Kanban Pull

Kanban Pull production is applicable to both office related processes as well as industrial and manufacturing processes

Lean Supply Chain

This Lean training focuses on the analysis of a supply chain and designing a lean supply chain

Lean Training

Our Lean training is based on experience we have gained from twenty years of working in Lean Management


We build into each training class a wealth of experience and simulations and exercises are used to surface conepts, principles and tools so that we maximum learning takes place

Leaders Standard Work

This workshop focuses on what Leaders Standard Work is, how to develop LSW and how LSW is implemented

Theory of Constraints

TOC uses a process to identify the constraint in the organization and restructures the rest of the organization around it

Lean Accounting

Lean Accounting overcomes the weaknesses of traditional accounting practices which are often  at odds with Lean improvements

Simulations and exercises


We make careful use of simulations and exercises during our Lean training classes to bring out concepts and principles. The simualtions and exercises allow for 'Learning By Doing' trainingand participants learn throughout the class in easy and practical ways. Benefit from our years of experience



Thank you for your interest in our services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us:

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Why Eagles Wings Consulting?


* Lean, Six Sigma, Agile & Service Design

* Leadership and ground level experience

* Operating since 2004

* Based in Singapore

* Training, Consulting & Coaching

* Clients from many industries including            Health-Care, MRO, IT, Education,                    Government, Oil & Gas,  Manufacturing,        Finance, Telecoms and many others

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