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This is an introductory training class on Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking


Every organization faces challenges with it processes. Waste is of all kinds are common. It is vital to help employees see this waste. This is so that the waste can be eliminated and employees are able to spend more of their time on value adding work. While not difficult to learn, most employees are not able to see the waste that exists in their organizations. In this class participants are taught how to see waste relevant to their industry. They are then taught about the five Lean principles which help them see how to go forwards to make improvements. Lean Tools and Techniques are introduced in a step by step manner. Activities and exercises along with simulations relevant to the industry setting are used to surface how these Tools and Techniques  are to be used. This is an excellent introductory class that highlights and systematically introduces the Lean principles and Tools and Techniques to the participants.

This training class covers all introductory aspects of Lean Thinking including:

  • Lean Principle 1 - Value is seen from the perspective of the Customer

  • Lean Principle 2 - Understand the value stream clearly and map the value stream indicating all the wastes in the value stream

  • Lean Principle 3 - Make the value stream flow by removing the wastes 

  • Lean Principle 4 - Deploy Pull in the value stream

  • Lean Principle 5 - Pursue Perfection, keep improving

  • Understand the origins of Lean

  • Distinguish between value add and non-value added activities, eliminate the wastes

  • Know how Lean Thinking applies to your industry

  • Learn various lean tools and techniques related to your industry

  • Participants will learn through various activities, demos, exercises and simulations

  • 'Learn by doing' is a vital part of this class

  • This class will be customized to meet your industry needs

  • Advanced topics like establishing the interval, demand leveling, work flow cycles, preparing for kaizens etc may be added depending on client needs

Don't hesitate to contact us for more details.



Thank you for your interest in our services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us:

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Why Eagles Wings Consulting?


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The Kata of Karate

The word 'karate' comes from the word 'kata'. Kata can be thought of as a practiced routine set of actions that one has internalised, which become a habit, almost an unconscious way of doing things. Toyota kata is hence an internalised routine method of learning from trials, making adjustments that are necessary, and implementing the next improvement in moving from the current condition towards a target condition. It is the real Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) actions that allow us to continuously improve.

Lean IT: What is it?

It is actually, quite a large subject. I will endeavour to describe what Lean IT is all about in several articles over the next few months. I will begin by referring to the many tools & techniques of Lean. In Lean (whether Lean IT or Lean used in other functions/industries) there are many tools and techniques. Broadly these tools & technqiues can be categorized into 5 main groups, for Problem Solving, Improving Process Flow, Direction Management, Daily Management and Building Continuous Improvement Culture

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