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Making government agencies leaner and more efficient

Lean Thinking for Government


This 2 day workshop covers the following topics for making public service agencies leaner:

  • Learn Lean Principles and how to deploy Lean Thinking  

  • Learn the various forms of waste your employees should learn to ‘see’ to eliminate the waste 

  • Determine target processes for re-engineering action from lean perspective 

  • Differentiate Value-Add from Non Value-Add and Waste activities 

  • Organizing your operation to meet customer demand 

  • Organizing the information space and the workspace for better productivity 

  • The relationship between quality and turnaround time, the lean quality approach 

  • Making processes flow - its not just about time but also about distance, not only about how long a process takes but also how long you wait before it begins 

  • Connecting business processes, Batch and Queue versus Single-Piece Flow 

  • Improving flow in the value stream 

  • Balancing workload and work area design 

  • FIFO processing, how FIFO surfaces issues in a process 

  • Setup times in relation to business processes, reducing setup times and interruptions 

  • The benefits of Pull versus Push system (incl. Kanban) 

  • Signaling systems and Planned Flexing 

  • Creating Virtual Cells and Work Flow Cycles in the office 

  • Leveling demand and the mix of services provided, establishing an interval 

  • The use of Visual Management and why use immediate feedback 

  • ‘Seeing the whole and value stream maps 

  • Value Stream Mapping of target processes

  • Root Cause Analyses: The 5 WHYS 

  • Implementing Standard Work 

  • Implementing lean and organizing for the Kaizen events 

  • Exercises are used to surface concepts and lean applications during the workshop

Learn through exercises, demos, activities and simulations using a government agency related lean simulation.




Thank you for your interest in our services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us:

Eagles Wings Consulting Pte Ltd


Tel: 9735 1136

Why Eagles Wings Consulting?


* Lean, Six Sigma, Agile & Service Design

* Leadership and ground level experience

* Operating since 2004

* Based in Singapore

* Training, Consulting & Coaching

* Clients from many industries including            Health-Care, MRO, IT, Education,                    Government, Oil & Gas,  Manufacturing,        Finance, Telecoms and many others

The Kata of Karate

The word 'karate' comes from the word 'kata'. Kata can be thought of as a practiced routine set of actions that one has internalised, which become a habit, almost an unconscious way of doing things. Toyota kata is hence an internalised routine method of learning from trials, making adjustments that are necessary, and implementing the next improvement in moving from the current condition towards a target condition. It is the real Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) actions that allow us to continuously improve.

Lean IT: What is it?

It is actually, quite a large subject. I will endeavour to describe what Lean IT is all about in several articles over the next few months. I will begin by referring to the many tools & techniques of Lean. In Lean (whether Lean IT or Lean used in other functions/industries) there are many tools and techniques. Broadly these tools & technqiues can be categorized into 5 main groups, for Problem Solving, Improving Process Flow, Direction Management, Daily Management and Building Continuous Improvement Culture

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