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Creating Valuable Human Capital to drive Lean through Lean 3P Design training

Lean 3P Design is an approach to develop a new product concurrently with the process that will produce it. Stakeholders are brought together and the process and the product is developed concurrently. This is applicable to processes and facilities in any industry including manufacturing and health-care.

Want to know more about Lean 3P?


3P, “Production Preparation Process,” is a method introduced to the US in the mid-80’s by Chihiro Nakao, a contemporary of Mr. Ohno, and founder of Shingijutsu consulting.  I recall the method was called “New Production Preparation” (NPP) early along, but apparently succumbed to a marketing intervention...

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Great Resource on Lean 3P


Written from an operations perspective, The Lean 3P Advantage: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Production Preparation Process explains how to build collaborative thinking and innovation into the front end of the design process. Describing how to develop successful new products concurrently with new operations...

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The Lean 3P (Production, Preparation, Process) Design process enable the development of efficient workflows & operating systems, better care for patients and ultimately higher satisfaction for patients and staff. The following flows may be considered:

- Flow of Patients

- Flow of Medical Practitioners

- Flow of Equipment

- Flow of Supplies

- Flow of Support Personnel

- Flow of Information

- Flow of Medication

The improvements are often developed during a Lean 3P Design event where patients and providers work alongside the project team to develop improved work process aimed at eliminating waste and inefficiencies. Here is an interesting video of a Lean 3P Design event: video



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The Kata of Karate

The word 'karate' comes from the word 'kata'. Kata can be thought of as a practiced routine set of actions that one has internalised, which become a habit, almost an unconscious way of doing things. Toyota kata is hence an internalised routine method of learning from trials, making adjustments that are necessary, and implementing the next improvement in moving from the current condition towards a target condition. It is the real Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) actions that allow us to continuously improve.

Lean IT: What is it?

It is actually, quite a large subject. I will endeavour to describe what Lean IT is all about in several articles over the next few months. I will begin by referring to the many tools & techniques of Lean. In Lean (whether Lean IT or Lean used in other functions/industries) there are many tools and techniques. Broadly these tools & technqiues can be categorized into 5 main groups, for Problem Solving, Improving Process Flow, Direction Management, Daily Management and Building Continuous Improvement Culture

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