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Creating Valuable Human Capital to drive Lean through Lean Certification training and project work

Key personnel in the Lean Enterprise need to be equipped with skills and knowledge to lead Improvement Projects. This training is meant to develop Lean Leads to fill this role. This training covers lean management concepts, principles, tools and techniques and focuses on the Lean A3 problem solving approach. Simulations, exercises and lectures are used to bring across the learnings. A practical project must be undertaken as part of the course.

Our Lean Certification class emphasizes 'learning by doing'. There are 3 components for this certification programme as follows:

1. A class on Lean Thinking that features learning about the principles of Lean, wastes and value added activities, the various tools and techniques of Lean for the specific industry involved. 

2. A value stream mapping workshop which involves mapping of current state maps, the development of future state maps and the building of an implementation plan. This is done for a targeted value stream that needs improvement.

3. A kaizen project undertaken by the participants so that active learning can take place in a real-life environment. The kaizen is performed on the targeted value stream where improvement is needed. This is for the same value stream that was mapped in step 2 of the programme.

Participants must ensure proven and sustainable performance improvement has taken place prior to being certified. Assessment is based on performance gains for the targeted value stream as well as learnings by the participants.

This certification programme ensures that your organization builds Lean problem solving capability so that improvements are achieved through organic efforts, and a sustainable capability to do this is built. This is the first step to developing a Lean culture for the enterprise. The other areas have to do with developing new Lean Ways of Working and establishing a Hoshin Planning and Tracking system into place for the organization. This will ensure that organizational culture change takes place simultaneously with overall organizational performance improvement.

Want to know more about Lean Certification?


Achieiving Certification in Lean Management is important. Lets learn more about Lean to understand why.


The primary idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste, improving quality, increasing delivery speed and effectiveness. These improvements lead to increase business revenues and cost reductions.

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Why Lean Certification?


Both individuals and businesses can benefit greatly from Lean certification: It is a way to develop your employees so that they can lead improvement projects - this means arming them with Lean Management and Lean A3 problem solving capability, giving them real world experience through practical improvement projects. Individuals are trained in the Lean certification program to lead project teams to solve problems in the organization.

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Thank you for your interest in our services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us:

Eagles Wings Consulting Pte Ltd


Tel: 9735 1136

Why Eagles Wings Consulting?


* Lean, Six Sigma, Agile & Service Design

* Leadership and ground level experience

* Operating since 2004

* Based in Singapore

* Training, Consulting & Coaching

* Clients from many industries including            Health-Care, MRO, IT, Education,                    Government, Oil & Gas,  Manufacturing,        Finance, Telecoms and many others

The Kata of Karate

The word 'karate' comes from the word 'kata'. Kata can be thought of as a practiced routine set of actions that one has internalised, which become a habit, almost an unconscious way of doing things. Toyota kata is hence an internalised routine method of learning from trials, making adjustments that are necessary, and implementing the next improvement in moving from the current condition towards a target condition. It is the real Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) actions that allow us to continuously improve.

Lean IT: What is it?

It is actually, quite a large subject. I will endeavour to describe what Lean IT is all about in several articles over the next few months. I will begin by referring to the many tools & techniques of Lean. In Lean (whether Lean IT or Lean used in other functions/industries) there are many tools and techniques. Broadly these tools & technqiues can be categorized into 5 main groups, for Problem Solving, Improving Process Flow, Direction Management, Daily Management and Building Continuous Improvement Culture

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